All females have the capability to mother whether they have given birth or not. Caring, giving and nurturing are the top three words that come to my mind when thinking of mothering . You can do this not only for your biological, foster or adopted child(ren), but other children (related or not) and even adults (usually younger than you). Mothers help to shape people.  Again, not just physical moms are shaping their kids. My son goes to a babysitter a couple times a week while I go to work. The sitter is also helping to shape my child.  I’m so thankful that she gets to speak into my child’s life as well.

(Side Note: In the Bible, Eve was called the “Mother of All the Living” before she ever became pregnant. Genseis 3:20 ESV)

Motherhood is a blessing and a gift. It teaches you a lot about yourself and the world around you. Below are just a few things motherhood has taught me thus far. This is by no means a comprehensive list!

What Being a Mother Has Taught Me (Or Still Is Teaching Me):

  • Putting other’s needs before your own is hard, but rewarding. (I do believe you need to take time to take care of yourself so you can serve your family , friends, etc. better too.)
  • It’s a huge responsibility and no one is perfect at it. I’m thankful that there’s grace in the process.
  • Being a mom isn’t easy. I’m learning the balance of letting go and yet holding on, protecting and yet letting them fall occasionally for learning’s sake, when to talk and when to listen, etc.
  • In the day to day it’s easy to grumble and lose sight of the point, wonder why we thought it was a good idea to be a mom, but then in a moment, an unexpected “I love you.”, a sloppy unsolicited kiss, a choosing to do the right thing without being prompted …reminds you that it’s all worth it.
  • It’s dying to self and not expecting anything in return.
  • Mothers wear many hats : Protector, Teacher, Disciplinarian, Monster-Chaser, Comforter, Advocator. This is not a comprehensive list by any means!
  • Children share their worldview with you. It’s not tainted by politics, media or all the worries of this world. It’s one that’s full of adventure and one that reminds us to look for joy in the little things, to stop, breathe, smell the roses, RELAX and enjoy life.
  • Motherhood inspires you to be the best version of yourself for their sakes.

This post was written by Tonya. Photo credit goes to Sheila Marie Photography.


Introducing Little Whale Spouts

We specialize in creating nursery themes that consists of matching crib sets, mobiles and nursery signs. We consist of three sisters: Tonya, Valerie and Valerie. (No, that’s not an error…The one Valerie married the brother of Tonya and Valerie. We usually call her Val to differentiate between the two.) We all have at least one child and have had fun designing our own nurseries with some input from the other two. We all enjoy crafting and had thought about selling our creations online for some time.

As we were discussing Valerie’s new nursery design and the bedding sets she was making, the idea of selling online resurfaced. This time Val had just quit her job and had much more time on her hands. We decided to venture out and give it a try.

During our research phase, we noticed that there weren’t many shops on Etsy that gave people the option to buy theme nursery sets all in one place. We each have different parts of the nursery that we specialize in, so we decided to coordinate so that all of our pieces go together to create a congruent theme. We each design and create our own items: Tonya-mobiles, Val-signs and Valerie-crib sets. We hope to expand our lines over time, but decided to start out with the things that we enjoy making at the moment.

The Process:
Crib Sets: Valerie creates crib bedding sets including a quilt, crib sheet, crib skirt, and a breathable crochet bumper. The crocheted bumper is made using 100% Premium Acrylic yarn. All other pieces are home sewn with cotton fabric and thread in a smoke and pet free home.

Mobiles: Tonya creates the patterns for her mobiles. She then cuts them out of 100% Merino Wool Felt, sews them together by hand using cotton thread and finally stuffs them with hypoallergenic poly-fil. For the animal patterns, she uses buttons for the eyes. (For more information about 100% Merino Wool, see product descriptions.)

Signs: Val collaborates with her Dad, Bob, to create the wooden signs. Bob is a cabinet maker and wizard at making just about anything wooden and often without a pattern either. He’s got serious skills and takes pride in the quality of his work, so these signs are very durable. Most wood is sourced from recycled pallets, barnwood or scraps from other projects. The wood is cleaned, sanded and pieces are secured with two braces in the back and hanging hardware attached. The final project is sealed with polyurethane spray for longevity. Both canvas and wooden signs are painted with acrylic paint.

Meet the Sisters:
Valerie: Are you that person who always is looking for a different approach or a unique to you design? Ever since I was a young girl that was me. I love the idea of being the only one who has a specific item or feel in my house or my wardrobe. Because of that, from a very young age I started learning how to sew or create my things unique to me.
Currently, I am a stay-at-home mom and my husband and I just had our fourth child in April. Ever since my first pregnancy, I have found joy in making adorable baby accessories. So much so, that even after my son was born I would make items for other expecting moms that I was acquainted with. Then after having my daughters I started sewing little dresses and shoes for them. I love to go to the fabric store and try to picture each fabric in a completed design!
Overall, I have found that making baby accessories is an enjoyable way for me to express myself and yet contribute to the household. It gives me a chance to be more than “mom” and often is therapeutic. I would love to have the opportunity to create something unique for your little one too!

Tonya: Valerie and I’s mother is very crafty and we both have followed in her footsteps. I am the oldest, then Brent (Val’s husband), Valerie and the youngest is Jennifer. We grew up on a farm in Hopeland, PA. Now we’re all married and all but the youngest has kids. Currently, my husband, Anthony, and I have one son, but we hope to add more in the future. At this point, I’m still employed as a church secretary and I work on my mobiles (and everything else) in any free time that I can scrounge up. Ha!
A few of my favorite things would be: coffee, cafes, old houses, Chip & Joanna Gaines, antiques, flea markets, creating aesthetically pleasing décor, the beach, interesting one-of-a-kind things, tree-lined streets with no power lines, repurposing older items into fun functional pieces, plants, and gardening.

Val: I began crafting with a friend for fun to try out the latest pin we like on Pinterest. This lead to us selling our own creations at craft shows and doing custom signs for friends and family. I recently quit my job to raise my baby girl, but am excited to be able to still help support my family by doing something I truly enjoy. Painting is my happy place. Decorating my daughter’s bedroom was such a delight and I look forward to helping you create the perfect finishing touches for your little one’s nursery.